Service available at any location - nationwide.

For over 19 years JMN has been providing local drive away vehicle services for auctions, dealers, OEM's, and all aspects of the remarketing industry.

Our experienced drive away team will take care of all your needs, no matter how big or small the job.

Tired of add-on fees?

JMN offers simplified rate plans, which makes accounting an easy process. There is no wait-time or minimum unit fees associated with our fee schedule.

Do you need more than just drivers?

Partnering with an asset-based company gives you flexibility. JMN also offers a diversified fleet of equipment to assist with inoperable units.

Do you find it difficult to find reliable drivers?

Do you find it difficult to find reliable drivers?

Are you staffing your drive service in-house?

Eliminate liability & risk by removing drivers from your payroll & insurance.

What Sets JMN Apart?
  • JMN knows how to efficiently conduct a drive-away service which improves your service levels to your customers.
  • JMN will provide standardized pricing, which will help increase your profitability by being able to accurately predict delivery costs.
  • Security & satisfaction comes from partnering with a well-established drive-away service.
  • Daily reporting for visibility and status updates.
  • JMN's understanding of what makes a drive team effective enables us to offer rapid service set-up at any location within the U.S.
  • Each service location is staffed with skilled & responsive management that will uniquely support your drive away needs & make your drive-away a success.